Top 3 Most Affordable Motorcycle Brands

Many motorcycle brands have been trying to make a big difference by introducing new models that won’t need you to spend a lot of your money on them. It is a good time for anyone to be shopping for a motorcycle especially if your economy requires you to be extremely conscious of your money.

Affordable Motorcycle

With a reduced price of up to $8500, this means that there is really something out there on the market for almost anyone to purchase. Well, with this kind of economy, we have made a list of the most affordable motorcycle brands.

Below are the top 3 most affordable motorcycle brands

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

This brand is priced at 7,995 dollars. This is one of the motorcycles that leaves people amazed. It is in a way like an old school dirt track bike that is combined with a simple street fighter. The Ducati brand is from the Italian origin. This Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 brings out the graphic coolness. It has a reduced air cooled 399cc Twin with 41 horsepower.

Though it is not the fastest Ducati, it’s got to be a great experience riding it as it has approximately 400 pounds to haul about. It also has a low seat that is 31 inches high and it could be one of the best bikes for shorter riders.

2016 Triumph Bonneville Street Twin

This motorcycle is priced at a ballpark figure of 8700 dollars. Its listing already looks retro but the standard British machines have undergone a complete redesign and are equipped with stronger engines and better chassis. It has a 900cc which is way bigger than its antecedent by 35cc. This enables this machine to churn out 59 lb. of rotating force.

It also features a five-speed transmission that has a slipper style clasp to handle destructive launches. Just for the fact that this bike looks really old, that does not mean that it lacks a good number of technology devices. It has a USB charging port just beneath the seat and also an adhesive friction control system. Though it is currently at the lowest end of the Bonneville striking order, it appears to be an impeccable piece for advancements and personalization.

2016 KTM Duke 390

This is one of the motorcycle brands that costs as low as $4990. It is easy to feel KTM’s sprinting origins immediately you bend one through a set of turns. When you hold it, this street bike feels light and tossable. They are not such a common brand among the mainstream manufacturers thus the people who ride them get to enjoy a bit of uniqueness.

When on the road, you won’t see a lot of similar bikes. It features a huge 373cc single that is said to perform really well on the road. It has a quick to respond chassis and overall weight of approximately 300 pounds. In short it is a motorcycle that is powerful, light and fun to ride.

There you have it the 3 most affordable motorcycle brands. Nothing can prevent you from getting one from the market with such affordable prices. It can be a great way to balance your economic usage of fuel.